Long Distance Marriage

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 Being apart isn’t necessarily a sign that something is wrong — it can also mean that the couple is confident and committed. But that doesn’t make it any easier when you come home after a long, shitty day and your spouse is 7,000 miles and 10 time zones away.

I've been married with my husband almost 6 months, but still not lived together due to some circumstances. Sad right? tipu lah kalau saya cakap tidak sedih.. mana ada pasangan yang sudah bergelar suami isteri akan rasa gembira kalau hidup berjauhan.  Of course I'm so sad but no matter what I have to be strong to face the reality. Dulu masa bercinta pun "PJJ" , dah kahwin pun masih juga pegang tittle "PJJ"..  Rasa macam masih belum kahwin lah pulak. 

Saya selalu "search" tips-tips  tentang perkahwinan jarak jauh di "Google".  Memang banyak.. Mostly I will search quotes. Best bah baca quotes.. bagi kata-kata semangat. 

Here’s What It’s Actually Like To Be In A Long-Distance Marriage;

Living the single life, even when you’re not single.


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